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Online Store Regulations determining the terms and policies of the orders implementation placed via website

The following Sales Regulations do not exclude nor limit the consumer rights resulting from binding restrictions which cannot be altered nor repealed .

§1 Introduction

This regulations set out the terms of using the website (service) as well as concluding and executing the sales agreements by the way of this service.

Anellosilver.comservice is run by Sylwester Olejniczak, FHUP Anello and is located in Częstochowa, ul. Czecha 25a paw. 4, 42-224 Częstochowa.

The owner of anellosilver.comservice is signed up in Assay Office Register under number 12 703.

You agree to accept and comply with the Regulations when using anellosilver.comservice. The customer accepts the Regulations by placing an order.

The Online store is a service available for customers under the address and allows to order jewellery and occasional articles which, once accepted, will be realized by Anello company.

  1. Products are the jewellery and occasional articles which can be purchased in Online Store.

§2 Purchase Conditions

  1. You can make a purchase:

  1. when you have a status of Online Store registered user

  2. when you do not have a status of Online Store registered user – and when you purchase without being registered or loged in

To become a registered customer, one shall:

- register in Online Store

- activate your account by entering the link sent to your e-mail

- log in Online Store using the login and the password

  1. The customers are obliged to store the data used for placing orders in Online Store in such a way that prevents third-parties and people who are not entitled to have an access to it.

  2. Not every product presented on our Online Store website may be available to purchase via the Internet. The information given on our website are not the offer in the understanding of civil code but they only make an invitation to purchase. The realization of the sales contract requires the prior product ordering by the customer, then its verification by Anello and the product availability confirmation.

  3. The customer who has the status of a registered user of Online Store makes an order by loging in and adding the presented products to basket and then confirming the order by selecting the button “Make order” (“Złóż zamówienie”). Initilal verification confirming the contract shall be done by sending information on this order to customer's email address.

  4. The customer who does not have the status of a registered user of Online store , makes an order by adding the products presented in the online store to basket and then confirming the order by selecting the button “Make order” (“Złóż zamówienie”) and giving the data necessery for the contract execution. Initilal verification confirming the contract shall be done by sending information on this order to the customer's email address.

  5. Photos and other advertising forms presented on do not show realistic product size and are only informational. Detailed product description is located on the product website.

  6. Purchase in Online Store is possible 24 hours a day every day. Products realization is done only on working days.

  7. Anello company reserves the right to additional customer data verification (only in justified cases), for example on the phone

§3 Price and Payment

  1. The prices given in the Online Store are binding and cannot be negotiated

  2. The products prices given in Online Store do not include shipping costs

  3. The shipping costs are presented in the basket while you are making an order and tehy depend on the choosen delivery method.

  4. The cutomer may choose from the following payment methods:

  • credit card payment via service

  • credit card payment via service

  • bank transfer into a Online store account (only PLN or € are accepted)

  • bank transfer via service

  • bank transfer payment via service

  • cash on delivery through a couries company ( except for nb. 7)

  1. To have the order accepted when choosing different methd of payment than cash on delivery, one shall pay beforehand for the product.

  2. FHUP Anello delivers the products with a proof of purchase that is a receipt or a VAT invoice - if the customer wishes for it and gives the necessery data while making the order. The proof of purchase is an evidence of an order

  3. Cash on delivery method relates only to the ordes delivered in Poland.

§4 Delivery

  1. The items purchased from the Online Store will be delivered by a choosen shipping company. When making the order, one accepts the delivery conditions presented on the selected shipping company website.

  2. The 7 working days order schedule refers to the items which are to be delivered in Poland by a courier service. The order for shipment begins when the order confirmation is sent to the customer

  3. International postage order schedule may be prolonged. International postage is an order that shall be delivered abroad, outside Poland borders

  4. The way delivery that can be choosen:

· the customer himself receives the product at the given address

· the third parties indicated by the customer receive the item at the given address

  1. When the customer indicates the third parties to receive the item at the given address, the product shipment will be done after the receipt of cleared payment.

  2. The delivery is done only on working days. The packages are deliverd to the address given in the contract by GLS logistic courier company and by Poczta Polska (Polish Postal Service). The Anello company may also use another courier company in order to deliver the order in time.

  3. When the customer chooses the GLS couries company, the courier company makes two attempts to deliver the Consignment. Then the shipment will be returned to Anello company. The third delivery attempt will be charged PLN 10 net worth.

  4. The couries will deliver the Consignment between 9 am and 5 pm. If he does not meet the customer, he will leave the advice note. The Anello company does not enable the possibility to arrange the courier for a particular time and we do not take responsibility for prolonged delivery time due to the courier.

  5. When you receive the Consignment, you are obliged to check the general Consignment state in the presence of the courier. You are also obliged to check if you receive what you ordered.

  6. In the case of disagreement with the order, or visible damage to the shipment the customer is obliged to write disagreement protocol in the presence of the courier and immediately contact the Anello company.

  7. The shipment state checking upon receipt and preparing the acceptance protocol in the presence of the courier become the basis for the complaint in the case of disagreement with the order.

§5 Termination

  1. Upon art. 7 paragraph 1 of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights, the customer has the right to terminate the contract withinh 14 days by filling the Anello company statement in writing.

  2. The statement templte can be downloaded from “Downloads”

  3. The customer is obliged to return the product once the statement is filled, that is:

· The ordered items must be packaged together with confirmation of purchase (receipt, invoice, ect.)

· The customer covers the costs of return delivery. The costs of returnig delivery will not be returned to the customer

· The refund for the returned product will be transferred to the bank account from which the payment was made, or to another account indicated by the customer in an e-mail contact.

· In case of Paypal payment the refund for the returned product will be transferred to the customer's account via Paypal service

  1. The customer does not have right to terminate if the product has characteristics described by the consumer in the contract, or is closely associated with their person, is for example: engraved, extended, decreased, imported (made) on individual request.

  2. The Anello company is not responsible for product damage during shipment carried out on customer's behalf

  3. If the customer returns the product which he is not entitled to, without paying the shipping costs or which is not damaged, or does not meet any termination demands, the Anello company reserves the right to refuse the product return and to refuse the money return or to charge the user with the costs within law.

§6 Complaints

  1. The cutomer, who purchses goods for purposes not related to the business activity, has the rights resulting from the seller's responsibility regulations for goods conformity with the contract

  2. All complaints related to the nonconformity of consumer goods with the contract should be sent to: FHUP Anello Sylwester Olejniczak, ul. Czecha 25a paw. 4, 42-224 Częstochowa Polska.

  3. All complaints will be considered only on the basis of a proof of purchase documents from Anello company.

  4. FHUP Anello company covers the costs of rightful complaints applying to current regulations, subject to next sentence. The Anello company covers the shipping costs, but not higher than the courier company fees.

§7 Personal Data

  1. When the customers register to the online shop, they give their consent to collect and process given data by FHUP Anello Sylwester Olejniczak, Częstochowa ul. Czecha 25a paw.4. This is done according to Personal Data Protectioc Act of 29 August 1997(Dz. U. z 2002 r. nr. 101 poz. 926 z późn. zm.). This is done only for execusion of contract needs.

  2. The customer may also agree to receiving informational, advertising and marketing information via electronic comunication.

  3. The customer has right to have an access to their personal data and to correct or remove them.

§8 Newsletter

  1. The customer can agree to receive an Online Store Newsletter to given email address. When agreeing to receive the Newsletter, the customer also ensures to have an access to an email address, where this information will be sent.

  2. The customer may resign from receivingNewsletter from Online Store at any time.


§9 Final resolutions

The Regulations will be made available on

  1. The Anello company reserves the right to alter thish Regulations. All changes of the regulations will be in force at the time of announcing them on the Anello company website. Yet, this will not apply to the orders done before the change which will be realised under existing regulations. However the customer may damand for new regulations.

  2. In case of nonconformity of the regulations with the existing laws, the existing laws will be used and the remaining part of regulations stays in force.

  3. In matters not governed by the provisions of the Civil Code.